Yoga & Ayurveda Clients

Ayurveda Premium Wellness Consultations: I have suffered from chronic bursitis in my hip for the last several years, which at times has been so painful it has been difficult to walk, and which in turn had severely limited both my recreational activities and my working out. I had consulted a number of medical professionals with no success (cortisone shots only seemed to make it worse) and had tried a number of alternative therapies, including rolfing, laser therapy and lymph drainage, all of which provided relief – but only short-term. Out of desperation, I finally took my partner’s advice and scheduled an appointment with Lois. Lois couldn’t have been better. She took the time to consider lifestyle issues (I have a demanding job, travel often, and frequently have to attend social events associated with work), and gave me concrete, achievable recommendations that were easy to implement, even with my work and travel schedule. After two months, the excruciating pain I was experiencing has been reduced to some occasional stiffness and I am nearly bursitis free. I’ve been able to go back to the gym and am able to incorporate a range of cardio activities into my workouts. I’m also feeling well-enough to engage in some off-road biking. As an added benefit, I’ve dropped over 15 pounds and am feeling the best I have felt in years. And I don’t feel like I have given up anything – but instead have truly enhanced my life with delicious food and easy to implement practices. I truly appreciate the gift of health that Lois has given me. ~Rob H., North Carolina

Ayurveda Premium Wellness Consultations: Lois is absolutely the best. I was really fortunate to run across her book, “The Essential Ayurvedic Cookbook.” I contacted her because I have what turns out to be a chronic excess Pitta condition which has caused embarrassing rosacea, hair loss, and other inflammatory conditions. I have struggled for years trying to figure out what is wrong with me and Lois finally gave me an answer that makes sense. Lois has been working with me on Skype and has designed pitta-reducing menus, yoga routines, and meditation/stress-reduction programs. My rosacea is almost completely gone after just 3 weeks! I have had this condition for over 20 years, have been to numerous doctors who told me it could never be cured and who gave me harmful antibiotics & steroids to treat it, have spent a small fortune on skin care products that only made my condition worse, and have suffered from low self-esteem and had to wear makeup to cover up my bad skin. In my opinion, what Lois has been able to help me do with my rosacea is nothing short of a miracle. I don’t even have to wear makeup now, which is a huge thing for me. Our next project is to tackle my hair loss, which Lois is confident she can help me with. I will keep you posted on here. I am a lawyer and have been very skeptical about natural healing in the past. Lois has put all of my concerns to rest and has really convinced me about the benefits of Ayurveda. I can honestly say that working with Lois has been a profound, life-changing event. I wholeheartedly and confidently recommend Lois Leonhardi’s services to you and hope you will benefit from them as much as I have.~John F., North Carolina

Ayurveda 30-day Wellness Transformation: I would definitely recommend Lois, in fact, I already have — to any friend who is stiff in their body or overweight. I have so far been able to lose 15 pounds on her 5-day a week yoga training and tasty, freshly cooked health foods. Lois is not only meticulously attentive to my positions in her private yoga class, she is also meticulous in tailoring her Ayurveda health food to my personal palate. As a woman in my 50s, her keen eye has been essential in preventing me from any injuries – a first in any training program I have encountered.  I am excited that I can now move my body like a woman 15 years younger both because of my weight loss and her yoga tutoring.  Lois is a professional: she is timely, a competent yoga instructor, and a delectable cook.  In fact, the seemingly endless array of food she can concoct has made it painless to stay on her food plan and lose weight.  I recommend her program and getting introduced to the new you as soon as possible. Why wait? ~ OP/Beverly Hills, CA

Ayuveda Premium Wellness Consultations: Lois is passionate and welcoming with her knowledge and natural ability to share the benefits of ayurveda. She was prompt and generous with her replies to all of my questions between our meetings and she guided me through many personalized and useful tools during our meetings to help me create better balance in my own life. From breathwork to nutrition to supplements to cleanses to wellness, crafted from the traditions of ayurveda. Plus she’s a wonderful chef! Lois is a great teacher, mentor and guide in this new and transitional chapter of my journey. Thanks, Lois! ~ Jenn L./Silverlake, CA

Private Yoga & Meals: I had the pleasure of working with Lois and feel compelled to share my positive experiences with her. Her ayurvedic food was very delicious and the recipes were creative. It was not hard to stay compliant on her customized diet which she carefully created for me. And yoga with her was very therapeutic as well as energizing. Her years of experience is very evident—she pinpointed weaknesses, areas of improvement and strengths with laser-like accuracy. But more importantly, I felt like I got very individualized, one-on-one guidance where she carefully considered diet, exercise and psychological factors to assess the entire person. If you need a drastic do-over to your lifestyle or want to simply maintain a top-notch health regimen while getting the 5-star treatment, then I will heartily recommend Lois. ~ Angela J/West LA, CA

Private Yoga & Meals: I had the pleasure of taking a set of yoga classes with Lois. She’s the best!! Classes are tailored to your needs…upper body, hips, etc. Lois also makes ayurvedic balanced meals too.  They are so so so yummy. My 78 year-old mom who is health-challenged and rarely has an appetite loved Lois’s cooking. A few bites and it totally opened her up and gave her an appetite to eat more!!!  My mom also had some marma sessions with Lois – they were the bestt!! The marma sessions relaxed my mom completely to the point where she fell asleep during the session. Her circulation increased and her sinuses even cleared up!  Go with Lois and you can’t go wrong!! ~Ted L./Santa Monica, CA

Private Yoga: Lois, thank you for coming out to our home and getting Steve and I started with yoga.  You are a terrific and inspiring instructor!  I love beginning my day with the routine you taught us and feel energized all day long. Looking forward to our next yoga session! ~ Carmen T./Moorepark, CA

Ayurveda 30-day Wellness Transformation – My biggest problems were that I loved sugar and I didn’t do well with portion control. But this weight loss program helped me with both, because I was able to take natural sugar (fruits) rather than trying to get rid of sugar completely. Other diets that eliminated sugar completely left me craving sweet and I would inevitably rebound back to my old eating patterns. The yoga diet was geared toward my particular body constitution which made it easy to follow. I was allowed unlimited fruit and salad so I never had to worry about portion control and never felt deprived. In combination with the sensible exercise program, I lost almost 20 pounds in two months. More importantly, the transition off the diet was easy. I learned how to take a more balanced approach to my food intake and exercise routine that has allowed me to keep the weight off and feel great. ~ Dr. Louis C./Portsmouth, NH

Reference from Yoga Studio Employer: Dear Anyone Lucky Enough To Work With Lois, When I initially saw Lois’s resume I couldn’t believe my luck in having the opportunity to have her work with my “mysore” students this year. Not only is she a pleasure personally but takes great pains to work with each individual, tailoring the practice to their specific needs and having great patience and interest with their specifics both physically (i.e. sciatic pain, low back, neck, etc.) and emotionally/ energetically (i.e. stress, anxiety, grief, etc.) Her knowledge backs up her caring and the feedback has been wonderful. They’ve appreciated her knowledge, her warmth and her humor. She manages a good balance of lightness with the importance of the work, and keeps everyone safe by working very specifically. From a practical standpoint she has been nothing but honest and helpful. She is a true yogini! ~ Nancy Goodstein, Teacher Trainer, Santa Monica Yoga