wellnessWellness Coach

How do athletes become the best? They hire a coach to guide and support them on their way to success. In my role as your lifestyle wellness coach, we build upon the foundation established in the Premium Health & Wellness Two-session Series to continue to refine and reinforce diet and lifestyle changes so you can progress to reach your overall wellness goals.

Lifestyle wellness coaching include any or all of the following: yoga, meditation, dietary changes, cleansing, or deep relaxation exercises. I will modify and tailor the program to accommodate your changing circumstances (i.e., physical, emotional, environmental, etc.). You  receive a nurturing, supportive environment to allow your routine to become second nature so it is easy to maintain.

Sessions can be via Skype or at my location in Los Angeles.

Total investment is $150 per session (the  “Premium Health & Wellness Consultation/2 Session Series” is a pre-requisite to these lifestyle wellness coaching sessions)

Full payment is due on the first session via cash, check or PayPal or credit card.
Email today and let me help you achieve balance holistically.