Introduction to Ayurveda

‎Introduction to Ayurveda – Feeling unbalanced?

Ayurveda is a holistic lifestyle from ancient India that promotes longevity. It views each individual as having a unique constitution and states that there are certain foods and activities that are balancing (and imbalancing). Focusing on food and activities that bring balance will maintain health (and vice versa). In the event that disease arises, ayurvedic doctors will determine the root cause (physical and/or emotional) and treat naturally with herbs, dietary modifications, meditation, etc.

Yoga‬ and #‎ayurveda‬ were traditionally studied together as a holistic way of life; they are intimately connected via their premise of the energetic constitution of our bodies and the heart being the center of intelligence. Ayurvedic diet and lifestyle recommendations support good health for the yogic journey.

Have you ever gone to your doctor with a nagging complaint (a pain, ringing in the ear, migraines, digestive disorder, gas, bloating, constipation, heartburn, back pain, sciatic pain, etc.) and he tells you there is nothing he can do? This complaint is often due to an energetic imbalance. Western medicine is not designed to diagnose these energetic imbalances which are often the preliminary stages of disease. Ayurveda has the tools to effectively address these imbalances ….before they become diseases. As a qualified ayurveda wellness coach, I will guide you back to balance. Skype sessions or in person sessions available.

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