Holistic Healing – Certified Ayurveda Practitioner

Premium Health & Wellness Package
Two-Session Series (30 days)

Do you want to feel better? Do you want to work with someone who will take the time to listen and see the big picture? Are you looking for a lasting, natural solution that doesn’t involve taking pills? Then my premium health and wellness consultation package is right for you.

You’re unique and so is the path to health. Starting with a comprehensive personal wellness assessment, we fully explore your past actions (diet, lifestyle, work and family relationships, sleep patterns, career goals, etc.) and how they relate to your current state of health. Understanding these relationships are key to identifying the root cause of your pain.

Instead of treating symptoms Ayurveda targets the root cause. When we eliminate the cause, balance can be restored. My holistic solutions integrate natural practices such as diet, meditation, pranayama (breathing exercises), marma energy balancing and yoga.

Getting healthy will be easy if you follow my method. With your input, I’ll design a realistic written plan of action that works specifically for you and your lifestyle. Your unique plan will be structured, but flexible so you can handle whatever life throws your way without skipping a beat. You will learn the ancient Ayurvedic secrets that can bring a long, healthy and happy life.

You will have my focused attention and support. In addition to 2 lengthy sessions in person (or via Skype/Facetime), I am available (phone, text, Skype, email) to answer all your questions throughout the 30-day program. I am here to help reinforce everything you are learning and keep you on track.  Lighthearted and encouraging, I keep you focused so you get positive results that last.

Your commitment will be key to achieving lasting change. You will learn about the ayurveda system and how to apply its principles specifically to your situation. You will receive a copy of “The Essential Ayurvedic Cookbook” which will be a valuable reference for essential ayurveda principles and healthy recipes. Using my proprietary system, you will learn about your unique constitution, your predisposition to imbalance, and how to maintain balance. By understanding yourself, you will be able to better understand others and improve your health and relationships. You will learn how food can be used as medicine for the body, yoga can be food for the soul and meditation can be food for the mind.

This Premium Health & Wellness Package is designed to help you feel better and restore a sense of balance – physically, emotionally and spiritually.  So whether you want help with making better choices around food or have a specific imbalance to address (i.e., stress, anxiety, migraines, bloating, constipation, low energy, emotional eating, lack of focus, inflammation, acne and skin conditions, anger, insomnia, low libido, chronic illnesses, chemo aftereffects, etc), the Premium Health & Wellness Package will help you, help yourself.

Two 2-hour sessions (via Skype/FaceTime or at my location in Los Angeles) includes:

First Session 

  • Comprehensive personal wellness assessment (We discuss dietary, sleeping, elimination, exercise and work patterns as well as work/family relationships).
  • Review Joytish health chart.
  • Identify your specific dosha (your prakruti).
  • Examine your pulse, fingernails and tongue.
  • Complimentary copy of “The Essential Ayurvedic Cookbook” to help you implement the dietary changes and to serve as a reference for understanding the guiding principles of Ayurveda.
  • Recommendations for diet and lifestyle modifications.
  • Ayurvedic lunch customized to your constitution.

Second Session (scheduled for 2-3 weeks later*)

  • Review of customized report with recommendations tailored to you.
  • Discuss diet and lifestyle modifications from our first session and fine tune if necessary.
  • Individual solutions may include: marma energy balancing, private yoga, meditation, singing bowl energetics, etc.

In addition to the one-on-one sessions, you receive 30 days of support and guidance. To ensure success, you will receive unlimited e-mail/text/phone support for 30 days to clarify and answer questions. It will be focused but fun. We will tweak your plan to match your busy lifestyle, integrating change in reasonable steps so you are not overwhelmed. After 30 days, you will have a solid grasp of the essential ayurvedic principles and how to apply them in your life.

This Premium Health & Wellness Consultation is a personalized educational course in ayurveda where you are privately tutored by an expert to help you understand how to heal yourself.

Total investment is $750
Full payment is due on the first session via cash, check or PayPal/credit card.
Insurance does not cover ayurveda at this time.

Call today at 310-310-0408 and let me help you achieve balance holistically.

*Your second session must be used within 1 month of the initial consultation or it will be forfeited and you will not be issued a refund. If an emergency arises that prevents you from using the consultation within 1 month, speak with me regarding an extension. In no circumstances will the time be extended beyond 2 months. Due to the personal and time-consuming nature of my ayurveda practice, this rule must be strictly enforced.