Green Liver Tonic Drink

The perfect recipe for summer to beat the heat. Cool down and cleanse your liver with this pitta-pacifying, summer tonic.

Makes two 12-ounce servings. 
4 cups kale, rinsed, lower stems trimmed
1 cup aloe vera juice
1 cup water
⅛ -¼ of a lemon, with peel (seeds removed)
1 tablespoon dulse
½ teaspoon ginger, peeled

Add ingredients to a high power blender in order listed above.  Blend until very smooth (about 40 seconds). Ayurveda recommends drinking at room temperature or warm (not iced). Using a high-powered blender may result in a lukewarm drink.  If you prefer your drink to be cooler, you can place freshly rinsed kale into the freezer for a 30 minutes (or overnight) before blending.

Drink in the morning on an empty stomach or as an alternative to breakfast if you are trying to lose weight. Leftovers can be stored in refrigerator for next morning’s drink. Vata can substitute Swiss chard for the kale for easier digestion.

ABOUT:  Using a high powered blender will chop stems and peels of vegetables and fruits.  When used for juicing, you can get the whole plant benefits including valuable micronutrients and fiber. By retaining the fiber you minimize spikes in blood sugar levels. You can substitute kale for other leafy greens (i.e., rainbow chard, collard greens, etc.).Greens are cooling for pitta and cleansing for the liver. Aloe vera juice is a cooling, bitter tonic often used as a reproductive tonic, it is also effective as a mild laxative and liver cleanser.


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