Gluten Free Corn Muffins

Nothing says Sunday morning like corn muffins! Recipe from The Essential Ayurvedic Cookbook for gluten-free corn bread (recipe makes 7 muffins or one 8″ loaf).

Corn can have a dry and heating effect on the body – it is great for balancing kapha and is generally suitable for all constitutions during damp, cold weather. Vata can apply liberal amounts of ghee to make it more balancing (I prefer Fourth And Heart brand because their ghee is from grass fed, happy cows — look at that golden, yellow ghee in the pic!)

Pitta constitution can eat corn in moderation or with balancing combinations (in this recipe, I’ve used coconut milk to cool things down). If you have autoimmune disorders, corn will not be your friend. Ayurveda – a complete system for health and longevity. . . . .

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