Ginger Pumpkin Soup with Lobster & Arugula Pesto

Fresh ginger root puréed with roasted pumpkin makes a healthy, creamy soup that is perfect for fall, winter or spring. Vegan, tridoshic and delicious! This variation is garnished with arugula pesto and for the omnivores, I’ve added some lobster and shrimp.

When cooking for a family or friends who have diverse dietary preferences, I like to start with a base layer that is vegan and gluten-free because that usually satisfies everyone. Then I will offer  garnishes to expand the options for people seeking more choices.

Here’s the recipe for the Sesame Seed Granola Crisps that are pictured above.

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Benefits of Pumpkin: Ripe pumpkins reduce Pitta energy and balance Vata. They are sweet, grounding and somewhat cooling, but the energetics can be warmed up with cooking, ghee and spices. Unripe pumpkins should be avoided as they can aggravate all three doshas and are hard to digest.

Pumpkins are detoxifying. They cleanse the bladder, sharpen the intellect and induce calm. They are beneficial in a variety of mental imbalances and in reducing stress and agitation.

Seasonal weakness in the lungs and large intestine often arise during the fall as allergies, asthma and constipation. They relieve dampness and support digestive, respiratory and overall health.

Pumpkin is a fiber rich fruit that is high in anti-oxidants such as vitamin A, C and E. Vitamin A supports healthy skin and immune health, while fiber helps to balance blood glucose levels. Pumpkin also contains minerals such as magnesium and potassium which help balance blood pressure and relax muscles to protect the circulatory system. Low in fat and rich in anti-inflammatory omega-3 fatty acids in the form of alpha-linolenic acid. Pumpkin is useful for: cancer prevention and treatment; blood sugar balance and insulin regulation; healthy cardiovascular and heart health.

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