doshasWhat is Ayurveda

Ayurveda is a Sanskrit word that can be translated to “the knowledge of life or longevity”. It is an ancient holistic healing system from India that is still practiced alongside western medicine today because it works.

Ayurveda uses five elements (ether, air, fire, water, and earth) as metaphors to describe the underlying energy in our body. These elements come together at birth in unique combinations – so we are all the same, but uniquely different due to the dominance of one energy over another. The elements that predominate define your nature or constitution and are referred to as your “dosha”. In general, if air and ether predominate in your constitution, then you are “vata” in nature; if fire and water predominate, then you are “pitta”; if water and earth predominate, you are “kapha” [see “What’s My Doshashere].

Understanding your dosha or nature is the key to understanding what actions will create balance or imbalance in your life. If we understand our unique physical, dietary and emotional needs, then we can make conscious choices to do things in our life that will create balance. Furthermore, we can minimize activities, foods and situations that will create imbalance. Chronic imbalance often leads to disease. Ayurveda is a powerful system that puts you in control of your wellness. Ayurveda can empower you to make the changes necessary to take control of your life and live healthier and be happier.